SEVASTOPOL STATE UNIVERSITY (SevSU) ­is one of the biggest educational institutions in the South of Russia. It was established in 2014 uniting the most prominent educational institutions in the city – Sevastopol National Technical University, Sevastopol National University of Nuclear Energy and Technology, Sevastopol City University for the Humanities and Sevastopol Marine College.

The Strategic Development Programme of Sevastopol State University is ratified by the Government of the Russian Federation and is funded out of its Federal budget. The Strategy of Social and Economic Development of Sevastopol and Crimea, The Strategy of Scientific and Technological Development of the Russian Federation and The National Technology Initiative of Russia are the basis for the University development. This allows to train specialists who will completely meet the requirements regarding personnel in the region and country for the next decade. One of the objectives of the university is to become the leading Russian representative in the international educational, scientific and cultural landscape in the Mediterranean region.

At present Sevastopol State University comprises the following institutes: Polytechnic Institute, Marine Institute, Law Institute, Institute of Education and Humanities, Institute of Information Technology and Systems and Control Engineering, Institute of Radio-Electronics and Information Security, Institute of Finance, Economics and Management, Institute of Nuclear Energy and Industry, Institute of Additional Professional Education and a Marine College. Together they offer more than 100 educational programmes and more than 11,000 students are enrolled here.

The University is actively developing: the number of educational programmes is increasing, the amount of students is growing, the infrastructure is expanding and the laboratories and research and manufacturing complexes are being re-equipped.

Sevastopol State University works in co-operation with the leading educational institutions and industrial corporations in Russia. The students and faculty of the university successfully participate in national scientific contests. The university faculty work on joint projects and exchange experience with colleagues from other universities in Russia and abroad. The students do their professional practical work at the partner enterprises and their requirements are taken into consideration while developing educational programmes.

The faculty of the university are honored scientists who are ready to share their experience with students and young tutors preparing graduates to meet the challenges in their professional spheres.

Students studying the programme “Innovative Ship-Building” will obtain competencies in designing and building modern ships, specialized vessels and ocean engineering objects using innovative technologies and engineering solutions, including remotely operated vessels adapted to operate with digital navigation and remote control.

The programme “Intellectual Energy-saving Networks” trains specialists able to design energy networks meeting the standards of modern technology, analyze opportunities to improve the existing network structures, develop automated control algorithms for network nodes and improving energy supply reliability.