All academic programs of the Law Institute provide fundamental education in law combining the theory of law with real life practice.


Theory and History of Law and State

Constitutional and Administrative Law

Civil Law and Litigation

Criminal Law and Litigation

Financial and Tax Law

Maritime and Customs Law

Academic Programmes

Cost for foreign students, USD*/RUR



40.03.01 Jurisprudence


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Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation

Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

Supreme Court of the Russian Federation

Association of Advocates of the Russian Federation

Russian Federal Tax Service

Juridical Ministry of the Russian Federation

Association of Lawyers of the Russian Federation

Kutafin Moscow State Law University

Moscow State Academy of Water Transport

Graduates are engaged in the legislation, law-enforcement, advisory and education spheres.

The facilities of the Law Institute include lecture auditoriums, a library and self-study room, a specially designed courtroom for litigation in civil and criminal cases, a special room for criminalistics classes and a Student Law Consulting Clinic.

General information

250 students

6 PhD holders

4 Doctoral degree holders

6 departments

1 field of study