Head of department:

Tatyana Ivanovna Andreyenko,

tel .: +7 978 728 76 37, [email protected]

Education basics:

  1. predict, identify areas of increased technogenic risk and areas of increased pollution;
  2. optimize the methods and means of ensuring human safety from the impact of various negative factors in the technosphere;
  3. to carry out technical and economic calculations of measures to improve safety;
  4. create models of new systems for protecting humans and the environment;
  5. analyze, optimize and apply modern information technologies in solving scientific problems;
  6. interact with government services in the field of environmental, industrial, fire safety, protection in emergency situations;
  7. carry out an examination of the safety and environmental friendliness of technical projects, industries, industrial enterprises and territorial production complexes;
  8. carry out scientific expertise of the safety of new projects, audit of safety systems, etc .;
  9. development of innovative projects in the field of security.


Specialist in environmental protection; port ecologist; environmental safety specialist; labor protection and safety specialist; fire safety specialist; industrial safety specialist; technical supervision specialist; manager (analyst, expert) for security and risks; inspector of state supervision and control; scientist.