MariNet - The Department of Ship weapon systems

Head of department:

Veronika Rostislavovna Dushko, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor.

e-mail: [email protected]
Тел.: +79788312572

3 floor, Festo, 31 Universitetskaya Street, Sevаstopol, 299053, Russia

Education basics:

General scientific module:

  1. Foreign language for special purposes
  2. Ship weapon systems

Digital design of marine robotic vehicles (MRV):

  1. Computer Aided Design of Marine Robotic Vehicles
  2. Mathematical foundations of kinematics and dynamics of underwater vehicles
  3. Numerical methods for calculating the flow around MRV structures

Life cycle of shipbuilding products:

  1. Technology for building an end-to-end electronic model of a specialized innovative vessel
  2. The concept of life cycle management of an innovative specialized vessel in terms of controlled parameters of operation and availability

Control systems for marine robotic vehicles:

  1. Smart control systems MRV
  2. Design and application of marine robotic systems

Module of general professional competencies:

  1. Fundamentals of team management in different settings
  2. Organization, armament and bases of the combat use of the naval forces of foreign states
  3. Methods and algorithms for control and navigation MRV


During education and after graduation - engineer; process engineer;

after 5 years - a design engineer of the II or I category;

after 10 years - a leading designer or head of the sector.

Owner / co-owner of a technology business. Technological entrepreneur (head of a small innovative enterprise).