Software engineering. Digital technologies for a smart city.

Head of department:

Dmitry Yurievich Voronin,

tel .: +79788123547, [email protected]

Education basics:

  1. Technologies for industrial software production
  2. Analysis and synthesis of innovative urban infrastructure components (IoT, BigData, AnyLogic, reengineering of management processes, predictive analytics, digital economy)
  3. Development of creative thinking, emotional intelligence, team management, technological entrepreneurship
  4. Theoretical foundations and prospects for the development of smart cities
  5. Big Data technologies for analysis and synthesis of innovative urban infrastructure
  6. Reengineering of management processes for smart urban environment facilities
  7. Technologies for modeling transport infrastructure facilities in a smart city
  8. Modern technologies for modeling urban processes
  9. Organization of technology business.
  10. Foreign language for special purposes.


IT specialist in the development, implementation and support of intelligent technologies for Smart City

Big Data Analyst: specialist in big data analytics in various subject areas

Software Engineer: Programmer, QA Engineer, IT Project Manager, Chief IT Project Architect