MariNet The Department of Innovative Shipbuilding and Shelf Development Technologies

The department educates highly qualified innovative shipbuilding specialists to implement the National Technological Initiative MariNet program and taking into account the criteria for the effectiveness of the national maritime policy determined by the Russia Maritime Doctrine.

Head of department:

Veronika Rostislavovna Dushko, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor.

e-mail: [email protected]
Тел.: +79788312572

3 floor, Festo, 31 Universitetskaya Street, Sevаstopol, 299053, Russia

Education basics:

  • ship design based on the ideology of the life cycle of shipbuilding products;
  • creation of electronic models of innovative ships at the stages of design, production and service;
  • drawing up regulations for interaction between the design bureau, the building plant and the service and operating organization;
  • methods of project management in the shipbuilding industry;
  • designing in the format of 100% digital 3D-model ("distributed" design);
  • design of subsystems for small and unmanned vessels;
  • designing ships from new materials, with hybrid power plants, including renewable energy sources;


During education and after graduation - engineer; process engineer;

after 5 years - a design engineer of the II or I category;

after 10 years - a leading designer or head of the sector.

Owner / co-owner of a technology business. Technological entrepreneur (head of a small innovative enterprise).