The Department of Physics. Physics of the Sea, Satellite Oceanology.

Head of department:

Alexander Mikhailovich Chukharev, [email protected]

Education basics:

  1. Satellite oceanology
  2. Methods of statistical analysis for scientific research
  3. Introduction to Physical Oceanography
  4. Fundamentals of fluid dynamics
  5. Technical means and methods of oceanological measurements
  6. Methods and tools for processing geodata in oceanology
  7. Digital design of instruments and systems of oceanographic research
  8. Chemistry of marine ecosystems
  9. Statistical fluid mechanics and oceanic turbulence
  10. Optics of the sea



During education and after graduation engineer, research engineer, junior researcher.

after graduation - admission to graduate school at Marine Hydrophysical Institute3-5 years later - Ph.D., researcher, senior 10-15 years - doctoral dissertation, leading researcher, head department, head of expeditions.