Electric power industry and power engineering. Smart power supply networks

If you want to master artificial intelligence technologies in two years, learn how to design a digital substation from scratch, and after graduating from university to do what you love, take the introductory tests and join us. You will be able to learn about the use of artificial intelligence, smart microgrids, big data analysis for solving problems of the electric power industry and more. You will know well both Megabytes and Megawatts, and you will be able to work both in the power industry and in the IT sphere.

Head of department:

Svetlana Yurievna Petrova,

Tel. + 7 (988) 487-00-65

[email protected]

Education basics:

  1. Physics and mathematics to the problems of the electric power industry
  2. Types of damage in distribution networks and protection against them
  3. Decision support systems in the network complex
  4. Distributed generation and micro-grids
  5. Methods and Models for Multivariate Data Analysis and Machine Learning Technologies
  6. Economy and business in the power industry
  7. Software for mathematical modeling and engineering design


During education and after graduation - master of digital district electrical network

in 5 years - dispatcher, designer of digital distribution zone district electrical network

in 10-15 years - chief engineer, deputy general director at the digital regional electric network