Ecology and nature management. Natural and technical systems.

Head of department:

Alexander Borisovich Polonsky


[email protected]


Nina Mikhailovna Tverdokhleb,

+79782556469, [email protected] WhatsApp / Viber.

Olga Yur'yevna Sukhonos, +79788886505, [email protected]

Education basics:

  1. Introduction to climate theory
  2. Special sections of mathematics in climate research
  3. Climate change and the environment
  4. Dynamic processes in the ocean and atmosphere, their modeling
  5. General circulation and synoptic processes in the atmosphere applied climatology
  6. Renewable energy sources in a changing climate
  7. Measuring information technology in environmental monitoring systems
  8. Methods of statistical analysis for scientific research
  9. Digital design of instruments and systems of oceanological research


During education and immediately after graduation - engineer, research engineer, junior researcher.

after graduation - admission to the postgraduate course

3-5 years later - Ph.D., researcher, senior researcher.

in 10-15 years - defense of a doctoral dissertation, leading researcher, head. department, head of expeditions.