Biology, hydrobiology.

Head of department:

Tatyana Ivanovna Andreyenko,

tel .: +7 978 728 76 37, [email protected]

Education basics:

  1. creation of new biological technologies;
  2. organization of obtaining biological material;
  3. restoration and cultivation of biological resources;
  4. collection and analysis of available information on the problem using modern methods of automated collection and processing of information;
  5. independent choice and substantiation of the goal, organization and conduct of scientific research on the urgent problem of hydrobiology and ecology;
  6. work with scientific information using new technologies;
  7. preparation and execution of scientific publications, reports, patents and reports, holding seminars, conferences;
  8. preparation of project documentation;
  9. preparation of scientific and technical projects;
  10. planning and implementation of measures for nature protection, biomonitoring, ecological expertise, assessment and restoration of biological resources;
  11. drawing up estimate and reporting


Young specialists with a master's degree in biology are ready for research activities and research and production activity, environmental protection and teaching. In the future, masters can take the position of a research assistant in research and research and production institutions, an inspector in nature conservation bodies or in environmental management bodies, a biologist or a research engineer. Graduates of the master's program can improve their level of training in the postgraduate education.