The National Technology Initiative Institute is one of base university for NTI2035 program ( 

The main idea for education in The National Technology Initiative Institute is develop human capacity for the use education as a tool to promote the implementation of the NTI2035 strategy through comprehensive and forward-looking training and education strategies for future engineers.
We educate engineers who are demand as professionals in new and constantly changing conditions.
Education in The National Technology Initiative Institute based on individual educational trajectory, balanced between students interest and industrial partners necessary. As a result with master’s degree student become in-demand specialists for companies.
INTI creates and implements new educational programs for engineering. Master’s degree students work on projects in teams with industrial partners.



03.04.02 - Physics. Physics of the sea, Satellite Oceanology
05.04.06 - Ecology and nature management, Natural and technical systems.
06.04.01 - Biology, Hydrobiology
09.04.04 - Software engineering. Digital technologies for a Smart city.
13.04.02 - Electric power industry and power engineering. Smart power supply networks
15.04.06 - Mechatronics and robotics. Design and maintenance of an
unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).
17.04.01 - Ship weapon systems
20.04.01 - Technosphere security. Smart management of environmental risks in the development of marine areas and coastal zones
26.04.02 - Shipbuilding, ocean engineering and system engineering of marine infrastructure facilities

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Research laboratories and engineering centers

Micro-And Nanoelectronics Engineering Center
Integrated Circuit Research Laboratory
Marine Radio-Electronic Technologies Laboratory
Research Centre “Mechatronics And Robotics”
Engineering And Industrial Design Research Centre
Research Laboratory “Marine Observation Systems”
Research Laboratory “Computational Power Engineering”
Research Laboratory “Control Systems For Autonomous Objects”
Research Laboratory Marine Biotechnology And Aquaculture
Project Office


CDB Corall
United Shipbuilding Corporation
USC Technologies
Sevastopol Government
National technology initiative
The Russian Government
Ministry of science and higher education of the Russian Federation
Marine Hydrophysical Institute
EcoStandard group
JSC SPA «Android Technics»
Foundation for advanced research
Institute Of Natural And Technical Systems
Almaz – Antey Air and Space Defence Corporation
Tavrida Electric
JSC RPC Pulsar
JSC "RPC "Istok" named after Shokin"
Marlin-Yug Ltd
Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of Russian Academy of Sciences
State Research Center "Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute"