The institute provides various programs such as professional development and additional professional education. The programs range from short term professional development courses, to full driving license courses.

The institute offers full-time and extramural forms of pre-university studies and courses for former military personnel.

General information  

amount of attendees:

763 re-education and professional development

2,051 pre-university studies

188 professional education

630 other courses

Projects and grants

International Philology School

Academy for Senior Citizens

Pre-university Studies

Preparatory admission courses in Mathematics, Physics, Russian, English, Social Studies, History, Chemistry, Biology and Literature.


“Moscow Institute of Open Education”

“International Pedagogy Club”


Bauman Moscow State Technical University

St. Petersburg State University

Southern Federal University

Northern Caucasus Federal University


Alexander Zhuchkov, Director of the Institute of Continuous Professional Education of Sevastopol State University spoke about the work of the Institute.

What is the difference between the previous and current versions of the Institute?

After the reunification of Crimea with Russia, the Institute began to deal not only with the retraining of teaching staff, but also with additional professional education in all areas and specialties presented at Sevastopol State University.
Now we are implementing programmes of advanced training, professional retraining with the issuance of a diploma for the right to conduct a new type of activity or assign a new qualification, professional training in working professions, and additional general educational programmes.

Who is turning to the Institute now?

Inquiries are addressed to us both by employers (state or commercial organizations and institutions), and directly by people who want to change the direction of their activities, improve their qualifications, or acquire missing knowledge and skills. According to our observations, the most popular programmes for the last 2-3 years were retraining and advanced training programmes related to state and municipal administration, the contract system in the field of procurement, lean manufacturing, management and the economy, as well as pedagogy.

What other interesting areas are there at the Institute?

The range of our programmes is quite wide - from managerial to technical areas and even gardening. Sevastopol State University has a large pool of programmes in the sphere of psychology and pedagogy, information technology, food technology, economics and management, viticulture and winemaking, tourism, technosphere, information security, automobile transport and jurisprudence. By the way, jurisprudence is a universal sphere of study that is necessary for almost everyone!

Are these areas knowledge-intensive or hands-on?

Of course, we have training programmes in high technology, but nevertheless, most of them are hands-on programmes. Each educational programme includes not only lectures, but also practical lessons. Some programmes even involve practical work. This is especially true of training programmes for workers.
One of the competencies of the Worldskills represented at the university is welding technology. According to the needs of this competency, the most advanced world-class equipment was purchased for the Welding Center located at the Maritime Institute. On this basis, we implement training programmes for welders. I can say with confidence that no one prepares welders better than us in Sevastopol.

Until quarantine is canceled, do you continue to work remotely?

For some programmes, a full transition to distance learning technologies is impossible - for their implementation direct contact with teachers and the use of laboratory equipment are necessary, but we transferred most of the programmes to distance learning, and our teachers successfully continue to conduct classes via information technology.

Are there any programmes for students?

Almost all of our programmes are suitable for students. People with higher or secondary vocational education, or who are currently studying at the University, can study with us. This is a good opportunity to expand the career range for our students and students from other universities.
Students can simultaneously receive additional education in parallel with their main one and have two diplomas upon graduation from the university. A diploma of professional retraining gives the right to conduct a new type of professional activity or assigns a new qualification.

How can people obtain training at your Institute?

You need to go to the webpage of the Institute of Continuous Professional Education of Sevastopol State University and submit an application. Although the beginning of training in additional professional education is not tied to specific dates and starts as a group is formed, most programmes traditionally begin in autumn. We currently have more than two hundred programmes.