7 steps to STUDYING AT Sevastopol State University

The process of obtaining a Russian Federation visa for studying at Sevastopol State University:



Fill in the application forms

Application form to apply to study (download)   |   Application for invitation (download)

1 day


Send the following documents to [email protected]

         - completed application form of the entrant of SevSU;

         - copy of international passport;

         - copy of educational documents (certificate or diploma with marks/grades);

         - copy of translated educational documents in Russian;

         - copy of certificate of Russian language proficiency (if you have one).

Attention! All documents must be readable and made with a scanner. Photos, documents and files edited in special programs will not be accepted.


You will receive an official reply from the Academic Center of International Programs regarding the consent or refusal of your application to study at Sevastopol State University.

5 Business Days


You should clarify what documents are required for an entry student visa at the nearest Russian Federation Embassy.

Usually you just need an invitation, passport and medical certificate of your health status. However, other documents may also be required.

22 Business Days


Sevastopol State University will make an entry invitation for you.

We will send it to your specified e-mail address.

Stay in touch with the University by e-mail.


Upon obtaining an entry visa at the Embassy of the Russian Federation

Attention! Carefully check the data specified in the visa. If you find any mistakes you must immediately notify a member of staff at the Embassy. Do not accept a visa with any mistakes.

An entry visa is valid for 90 days. To extend the visa you must arrive at Sevastopol State University at least 45 days before your visa expires.

3-5 Business Days


Buy travel tickets to the Russian Federation

Send copies of your tickets here [email protected]